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SAMPLEBOARDS: From concept to materiality ... harmonious transformation from the ideal to the real !

We create spaces to grow, spaces to enjoy, spaces to share, SPACES TO LIVE !!!
Alexandra Rozo

Knowing, seeing, feeling and connecting with each material is one of the objectives when we design; being able to show and transmit those feelings to each client is a dream come true !

In our design process, we collect as many physical samples as possible ( of the chosen materials ) to achieve a correct perception of the final spatial reading. Our clients are participants in every decision, they know and understand the reason for each choice: Our way of working flows creating for each one and their ideal environment.

The perfect design of each project such as the choice of interior and / or exterior materials, furniture, finishes or decoration, always are according with the assigned budget; and when our clients love all the developments and materials, at their request, alexandra rozo /// arquitectura interior prepares a detailed budget for approval and subsequent execution. . . . . . . EVERYTHING TO MAKE THE IDEAL DESIGN A REAL SPACE !!!

alexandra rozo /// arquitectura interior can help you create the space of your dreams. For more information or to book a consultation, contact us today .

Photography by Studio La Fábrica


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