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DESIGNING SPACES: The importance of lighting space.

The greatness of lighting within an architectural project is given by the selection of luminaires through the design concept.

The synergy between the designer, the selection of luminaires, the manufacturers and the client; It is the key point to exalt the spaces created by inducing the experiences planned for the place.

In this project, 3 lighting parameters were conceptually established:


  1. Accent Lighting: Contrast of lights and shadows to create welcoming spaces, perfect for meeting areas with clients and rest areas for officials.

  2. Volumetric Lighting: General and diffuse almost without shadow, ideal for work spaces and high visual demands.

  3. Decorative Luminaires: For those main spaces that require special attention.


The temperature of the light was decisive in the design of the project; defined at 3500°k, it was an innovative aspect as it was a temperature frequently unknown and of low application within the projects developed in Colombia.


And why was this temperature defined ?

Because the interior design sought warmth while the client's operational form required a conventional type of light for the work spaces (where more neutral temperatures usually prevail); therefore, the 3500°k were perfect to integrate both requirements providing warmth, concentration and activation of ideas to the people who inhabit the place.


Alexandra Rozo /// Arquitectura Interior , architecture and interior design on the path of balance and harmony with the vision and professionalism of Luxycon Iluminación (Manufacturer of luminaires), finding the answer and perfect solution to all the determinants.



Architectural and Interior Design: Alexandra Rozo

Luminaires and Lighting Consulting: Luxycon

Video: Studio La Fábrica by Diego Hurtado Rubiano



Office Design to La Hipotecaria Colombia by Alexandra Rozo /// Arquitectura Interior.

Project Nominated to Lápiz de Acero 2023 in the Interior Space Category.


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