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Restyling 305 apartment´ social areas, located in the Unicentro sector in Bogotá, Colombia.

Design and Rendering by alexandra rozo /// arquitectura interior

Photographic art for decorative paintings, authored Studio La Fábrica by Diego Hurtado

Client Requirements:

Preserve the existing dining room and improve its appearance, maintaining 2 sofas and the location of the fireplace in the living room.

Design Intervention:

Selection of finishes, textures and colors on walls, selection of textiles; selection of new furniture and decorative elements such as armchairs, poufs, side tables, pedestals, rugs, decorative lamps, paintings and personalized photographs as decorative images.

Interior Design & Decor by Alexandra Rozo

Photographic Art S/L/F by Diego Hurtado

Year: 2018


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