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san andrÉs

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1. BBQ.   In the search for the integration of the new construction with the existing English style architecture and the natural environment, it is necessary to blur the physical limits, so that the space is projected and connected with the landscape benefits of the context. "EAT UNDER THE TREES" is the design concept, which evokes the natural structure of the trunks, under which food is prepared for an open field day.

2. COMEDOR.   COMFORT & SOPHISTICATION are the terms that define the style of the dining room. An eclectic mix of elements that reveal the initial language of the elegant English architecture combined with contemporary details and materials. The movement on the ceiling is printed using shapes and contrasts of color, and highlights the impressive elements of the place, such as the fireplace.

3. SPA.   An organic morphology allows to surprise users during their visit, through a sensory experience. The different architectural elements transport from dim spaces to illuminated spaces, closed spaces to open spaces and the social to the intimate. The design of the dry area of ​​the massage, resembles a flower of subtle feminine character, where users relate to the outside while maintaining all the privacy required by the massages while the wet massage area is aligned with the exterior visual image of the golf course.

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