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Creation of the architectural brand inspired by the company philosophy !!!


​La Hipotecaria is an institution in Latin America, focused on housing financing that has operated in Colombia for the last decade. Thanks to its growth and consolidation in the national market, the company was driven to position its brand presence in a new physical location, with the purpose of optimizing its operation by opening its doors to the public with spaces created exclusively for its attention.

​Creating the brand's architectural identity was the task entrusted to Arch. Alexandra Rozo, who was inspired by the company's values to conceive an architectural language that would transmit the institution's philosophy to all its users and the general public. The objective was to achieve a visual, sensory and emotional impact during the experience in the place: YOUR HOUSE, YOUR SPACE, YOUR HOME . . .

​​The spatial design was conceived through a game of heights in two zones: A private area destined for offices and a public area that is shown as a large showroom that looks towards one of the main avenues of Bogotá, inviting passers-by on foot and in vehicles to stop and want to enter.

The front client area is characterized by its sobriety and sophistication that transports the visitors to a hotel lobby: A warm, welcoming and dignified space for its clients, while a video wall is responsible for visual communication towards the interior and exterior during the day and the night.

The back office area is defined by its spatial cleanliness and a constant set of planes that generate different atmospheres and perspectives. The balance between materials, textures, lighting and furniture create and accentuate an indescribable language for the project: A perfect combination of industrial, classic, rustic, elegant and avant-garde elements.



Photos: Andrés Valbuena

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