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This design is a proposal for the main headquarters of an advertising company. The place for its placement was a piece of land next to the eastern hills and its immediate context was vegetation that contrasted with the urban landscape on the other side of the access road.

The concept design was to communicate the urban with the natural through a large staircase as a transition and articulation space between the 2 landscapes; the exterior staircase for semi-private use would receive and take pedestrians to a viewpoint towards the mountain and at the same time deliver users to the different floors of the building through bridges between voids. These spaces were perfect for generating natural ventilation between the office block and the service block located below the main circulation.

Inside the architectural complex, the voids maintain a spatial rhythm that is reflected in the facades (which were designed in relation to the corporate image), so the interior terraces would be another place to stay in continuous relationship and communication between the hills and the city.

The building and the circulation are a single object that plays with the duality between the solid and the transparent, the public and the private, the exterior and the interior, permanence and journey; object of reference and encounter at the same time.

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