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Design flowing . . . Flow in space!

The architectural concept was raised by a plane that created the space through its movements and folds. The reading of continuity would be perceived through the elevation of the earth to the sky, establishing focuses towards the landscape in each interior space: Monserrate, Torre Colpatria and a view of the city of Bogotá.

The design was conceived with the concepts of fluidity, movement, continuity, force and THE PART IN FUNCTION OF THE WHOLE. It started with a quadrangular base scheme where the transparencies allowed specific images within the context; then, the folds were worked as structures that when ascending and folding would shape the space; and finally,  the best result was achieved: Each fold was simplified to the path of a single plane, in total coherence with the interior spaces generated.


From this point, the approach to the place was deepened, reaching a vanishing point between two planes that marked an accentuated depth by the vertical and horizontal architectural relationships, the details of the enclosure and the incidence of natural light, where the lattices would be permeable skins not only of the lighting but also to the place.

"The project is the ending and the beginning of the context."

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